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Special Note to Applicants for Social Security Disability and SSI

WEISBORD & WEISBORD has been representing Social Security claimants for over 30 years.  Here are some frequently asked questions:

I don’t live in Philadelphia.  Will you represent me?

Although the majority of our clients’ cases are assigned to hearings in Philadelphia and Elkins Park, we are not limited to practicing in the local counties or even in Pennsylvania.  We are happy to represent claimants in New Jersey, Delaware, and upon occasion, other jurisdictions as well.

Should I wait until I have had a hearing to hire an attorney?

Do not wait until you lose your case.  Once a judge has ruled against you, it is very difficult to get that decision reversed.   Our staff will assist you from the time you are ready to file your initial application.  We will walk you through the application process, making sure that you are answering all questions appropriately and fully and making sure that you have the necessary medical support for your claim.  

If my doctor hands in a note that says I’m  disabled and I tell the truth to the judge, why will I need a lawyer?

There are extensive regulations that the judges follow in determining what constitutes a medical impairment and whether that medical impairment qualifies as a disability entitling you to benefits. Unless you and your doctor are fully aware of the regulations pertaining to your specific medical condition, you may be unable to produce the right evidence to substantiate your claim. Or, your records might be so voluminous that they require someone to pour through those records and provide a detailed analysis of your situation for the judge.  That is what we do.  Very often, our extensive brief results in a favorable on the record decision without even having to proceed to the hearing! 

When will I meet the lawyer who is going to go to court with me?

After an initial telephone interview, you will talk to the lawyer that is going to handle your case (usually during the same phone call).  If you have already filed an application, we will obtain a copy of your file after it has been developed by SSA and then bring you in for an extensive interview about your claim.  That is when you will meet the lawyer that will be going to court with you. After that meeting, your lawyer will then be getting additional records based upon what is learned at that interview.  You will again meet face to face with your lawyer before your hearing, so that you will be fully prepared for the questions you will be asked.  And so that you fully understand how your attorney intends to present your case in court, you will be sent a copy of the brief that is prepared specifically for your case and which is going out to the judge before the hearing.
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